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el lobo, a level spanish

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Resources have been written with the needs of busy teachers in mind. They are available:

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  • to receive on CD with access to the online version also
  • to receive as a VLE version (moodle, firefox etc) with access to the online version also

This exciting film is based on the life of Mikel Lejarza, a secret agent, who worked for Franco's fascist government in its final years.   The so-called wolf's mission was to track down members of the Basque separatist ETA movement, which he did successfully infiltrating approximately a quarter of the organisation.  He prevented a mass break out from prison which was intended to precede a series of attacks throughout the country.

However, The Wolf's masters turned on him and and betrayed him but despite this he continued his mission until his position became untenable with both ETA and the secret services on his heels.  He therefore made himself vanish from the face of the earth by changing his identity.


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  • Detailed summary of film with verbs gapped (infinitives given)
  • Comprehensive questions on each scene
  • Character study guide with wide range of adjectives


  • Multi-tense practice tool
  • A-factor builds in practice of more complex structures
  • Direct-indirect speech exercise encourages reported speech


  • Matching quotations to themes to prepare for paragraphing
  • Essay planning guide including template
  • Essay plan and sample essay


  • Examplar scenes analysed
  • Scene analysis template


Mark schemes are provided for:

  • the gapped summary
  • character guide
  • multi-tense exercise
  • A-factor
  • direct-indirect speech exercise
  • themes exercise

Answers are NOT given for the questions which are intended to elicit an individual response.


English subtitles

Spanish edition, 2 DVDs including making of etc

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