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French literature, resources, essays,summary

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The prologue of the play is set in the Soviet union during a dispute over land allocation.  We experience a folk tale within that story of the young heroine Grusha adopting the Governor's son Michael following the former's beheading after a coup.  

In a story punctuated with musical interludes, Grusha brings up the baby in a village where she marries an old peasant to avoid suspicion.   Simon a soldier who had been entranced with her in her previous life catches up with her.

In a scene redolent of the story of Solomon and the baby, the judge Azdak confronts Grusha and Michael's mother with an agonizing decision, one must forgo him or he will be torn in half.  

Despite its complexity and the difficulty in staging it, The Caucasian Chalk Circle is considered to be one of Brecht's best works and is one of the most regularly staged German plays.

French literature, essays, summary

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French literature, summary, essays

French literature, resources, essays,summary

  • Full page by page vocabulary list (can be used on phone, tablet)
  • Detailed summary of text with verbs gapped (infinitives given)
  • Comprehensive questions on each chapter/scene
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  • Character study guide with wide range of adjectives

French literature, resources, essays,summary

  • Multi-tense practice tool
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  • Direct-indirect speech exercise encourages reported speech

  • Matching quotations to themes to prepare for paragraphing
  • Essay planning guide including template
  • Essay plan and sample essay

French literature, essays, summary

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  • character guide
  • multi-tense exercise
  • A-factor
  • direct-indirect speech exercise
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French literature, essays, summary

French literature, essays, summary

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French literature, essays, summary

French literature, summary, essays
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