5 Esther Villegas de la Torre


Esther Villegas de la Torre is an Associate Research Fellow in Golden Age Studies at the University of Nottingham, as well as a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Humanities at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. Originally from Valencia, Spain, she read Hispanic Studies at the University of Manchester, and later also at the University of Nottingham. She has written on early modern Luso-Hispanic cultural history, particularly on the position of women as cultural producers in the beginnings of the literary profession. Her recent research focuses on the mobility of women’s secular print in English, Portuguese, and Spanish in the seventeenth century, with emphasis on the border-crossing of authorial and editorial conventions. Dr Villegas de la Torre also maintains an ongoing interest in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language and is a strong advocate for using cultural resources in the ELE classroom. To be sure, her all-time passion for foreign languages and cultures is what motivated her to pursue an academic career in the UK, and more relevantly, to seek opportunities to engage in the creation of ELE teaching materials, using modern literature and cinema.

Her teaching encompasses Golden Age literature and culture, Intellectual History and Gender, Female authorship, Comparative literature, Spanish and Spanish-American modern literature, and of course, Spanish as a foreign language.