4 Ingrid Maclean

ngrid began working on in October 2013 and has produced 10 titles in that period, some of the earlier ones in collaboration with Steve Glover (see below).   This is how she describes herself:-

Ingrid Maclean was brought up in a multi-cultural environment and has a huge appetite for learning different languages, through which she can access the delights of Italian opera, French literature or German poetry. She is a passionate advocate of students acquiring new languages that will help them explore other worlds. After studying interpreting and translation in Edinburgh, she moved to Strasbourg where she lectured at one of the universities. This was followed by teaching in Vienna and the Middle East. Parallel to teaching languages, she also continued to translate for various organisations. Having lived in several European countries, in the Middle East and the Far East, Ingrid has now settled in Cyprus which she considers an ideal location, at the crossroads of many fascinating cultures and languages, and also a sunny haven for reading and writing. Apart from writing for pleasure, she has helped Steve expand the A Level site which, she believes, offers students a splendid means of familiarising themselves with works of German literature in a way that promotes in-depth study of the German language and the possibility to analyse and respond to many  of today’s important issues.