3 Nathalie Kaddouri

Nathalie Kaddouri was born in Brest, France and spent all her childhood there. She has always been interested in languages and started travelling all around the world. She did a Masters in languages at Grenoble Stendhal University in France and continued travelling. She got the opportunity to live in Saudi Arabia where the cultural shock was massive for her but she started to study Arabic and learn more about the Arabic culture in which she was interested. 5 years later she landed in Kuwait where she is still leaving with her family. She has been teaching French at a prestigious English school in Kuwait, where students come from over 50 different nationalities and which makes the job extremely interesting. She particularly enjoys teaching French at A level as she believes it does not only teach the students the language but also the cultural aspects and helps them mature a lot over 2 years. She joined Steve on the Alevel site as a reader first and quickly got convinced that she could help him build up a fantastic site to help teachers and to help students to achieve the highest levels and enjoy the French language.