2 Steve Glover

Steve Glover has been passionate about languages since his French teacher encouraged him to delve into the Astérix books on his table. Spurred on by his great aunt, a fascination for French literature and lovely French friends, he has been involved with language teaching since 1979, teaching A level in three different schools in East Lancashire, England between 1980 and 2000. He became involved in publishing in the 80's and 90's writing Bibliobus readers, Openings in French, Escalier teacher books 4/5 and the Escalade readers. Having set up the Really Useful French Site (link to Web Time Machine Archive) in 1998 he went on to write KS3 and KS4 online materials for digitalbrain before joining the company, becoming involved in cross-curricular multi-media and VLE projects eg Local Heroes. He currently works part time on Lancashire Interactive , an online careers product. came about when Steve began tutoring A level students and was intended to provide the kind of intensive help available for students of English but not available so readily in the foreign language. Steve contributed to the TES when it was still a respectable newspaper.