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5 Tuition-literature cinema lessons for schools, direct or recorded

Experience in delivering online tuition

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Over the last two years we have been developing our experience in delivering webinars for teachers and have more recently branched out into lessons for students.  We use the very adaptable adobe connect platform which enables a good amount of interaction with students and are hoping to optimise the experience in combination with our online learning platform.  Some aspects of distance learning are not as rewarding as face to face learning whereas others go beyond what is possible;  it is a question of enhancing the latter to ensure that students remain engaged and learn effectively.

Test of concept

We are working with a school in Wales on delivering two one hour lessons online on the book Un secret.  Lessons will be recorded and made available to the school to share with students who were unable to attend for one reason or another.

  • Capabilities of adobe connect for delivering lessons
  • Integration with virtual learning platform such as moodle or firefly (link from relevant page)
  • Up to 100 students
  • Free download of software to laptop or app for smart phone
  • Sharing of screen, permitting joint reading of text and note taking
  • Sharing of extract of video for study of film-depending on bandwith, otherwise use of screenshots
  • Participant microphones can be enabled or disabled
  • Quiz questions can be added to test understanding or gauge reactions
  • Students can go straight to recommended websites or download files you have uploaded for them
  • Individual pages can be set up for classes of less than ten or so students so that individual written responses can be given.
  • Students can work together in break-out rooms
  • Sessions can be recorded for re-use

learning platform

Various types of work can be set through a schedule with work sent back as audio file, word file etc.

No et moi, combined live (and recorded lessons) linked with learning platform assignments