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Our webinars for cinema and literature comprise three components:-

live 90 minute webinar with accompanying 22 page A4 editable booklet, recording of the event for sharing within your department

Programme (incorporated into 22 page booklet)

  • Study an essay needing improvement with exam board criteria and identify where improvements need making
  • Throughout the session, build up notion of writing analytical sentences using appropriate structures, moving through to creation of analytical paragraphs and organised, planned essays
  • Incorporating cinema technique and knowledge of the author’s/director’s modus operandum into analysis
  • Organising topic examples for analysis
  • Organising character examples for analysis
  • The role of summarised quotations
  • Analysis of style and structure
  • Processing the opinions of critics
  • The context of the film/novel
  • Approaches to planning
  • 20 ish new titles to use for planning preparation
  • Sample essays
  • My popular new specification planning template

Film and literature webinar-pay here by card or with a Paypal acccount

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La haine webinar
No et moi webinar
Au revoir les enfants webinar
Un sac de billes webinar
Intouchables webinar
Bonjour Tristesse webinar
L'étranger webinar
Kiffe kiffe demain webinar
Les 400 coups webinar