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WJEC/EDUQAS-AS-Full course of 6 units


Unit 1   

unit 1 la famille eduqas wjec                         

WJEC/EDUQAS-attitudes16-unit 1

Unit 2

unit 2, la jeunesse,wjec, eduqas

WJEC/EDUQAS-attitudes16-unit 2

Unit 3

unit 3, eduqas, wjec, education, emploi

WJEC/EDUQAS-attitudes16-unit 3

Unit 4

unit 4, culture, patrimoine, wjec, eduqas

WJEC/EDUQAS-attitudes16-unit 4

Unit 5

unit 5, cinema, film, wjec, eduqas

WJEC/EDUQAS-attitudes16-unit 5

Unit 6

unit 6, musique, wjec, eduqas, a level french

WJEC/EDUQAS-attitudes16-unit 6