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Cheques payable to:

Steve Glover  (until end of April 17, then dolanguages)

Account details

if your school needs to set up an account inorder to pay, these are the bank details.   Please quote my invoice number on the BACS payment confirmation.


Payment details for BACS transfer (within UK)

Lloyds Accrington (Address 2, Peel Street, Accrington)

Sort code  777605 Ac no.   44615968

BIC and IBAN numbers (for international Payments)

BIC number LOYDGB21K61  GB70 LOYD 7776 0544 6159 68

Terms 30 days

Order form for French, German and Spanish giving all titles and their prices (2019-20)

price list

 Click here for MS Word version of form

NEWS-ATTITUDES move to linguascope

Please note that the attitudes French resources are moving to linguascope for new purchasers so cannot now be ordered from dolanguages. 

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Ways of purchasing

For each title  for which we provide resources you will be able to make your purchase:-

Online on the page about each title via the Paypal/card payment link

To do this,  simply select the version you want to buy-online access only (to download files), online access + VLE version (eg moodle, firefly, fronter)

CD version of files no longer available

Click Add to cart and then either Go to Check Out or add another title or titles before doing this.

NB: I set you up manually and will do this asap; this may be immediately or in the morning if you purchase late at night or you are in the US etc.

By email using the attached order form or within the body of the email

For UK schools I am happy to receive your request for a purchase in the body of an email.  This should be from a school email address if possible.  Please check before sending whether or not you require a purchase order number.

I shall then send you login details and an invoice to pass on to your finance officer/bursar.  Please do this immediately to save unnecessary chasing up.

If you are the finance officer/bursar ordering on behalf of a member of the languages department, please give the name and email address of the relevant person so I can send them access details immediately.

As with paypal/card purchase, I will set you up asap.

By school purchase order/my order form

If your school prefers to post out the purchase order/form my postal address is:

Steve Glover


2 Park Crescent




Phone 01254 391945

Mobile 07866 373654