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kiffe kiffe demain, faiza guene

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French literature, essays, summary

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French literature, resources, essays,summary

Resources have been written with the needs of busy teachers in mind. They are available:

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Written by 19 year old Faïza Guène, daughter of north African immigrants this account of a year in one girls's life is presented in approachable, ironically humorous chapters rich in detail about what if feels like to belong to a less favoured group in society.

The sarcastic, cynical Doria, thrown into poverty by the departure of her father who hankers after a male son, references popular culture as her main source of metaphor. The language is direct, almost in diary format and is very contemporary in style with some use of verlan.

The narrator savages the heroine as well as the succession of social workers who come to help her and her mother. As she finds stability through her further education course and love from an unexpected direction Doria grudginly accepts what society is doing for her.

Extracts from the book would be useful to illustrate social issues and themes. Faïza Guène's later work builds on Kiffe kiffe demain to provide an alternative view of modern France from the beur perspective.

French literature, summary, essays

French literature, resources, essays,summary

  • Full page by page vocabulary list (can be used on phone, tablet)
  • Detailed summary of text with verbs gapped (infinitives given)
  • Comprehensive questions on each chapter/scene
  • PowerPoint with visuals and sentence starters (not all texts)
  • Character study guide with wide range of adjectives

French literature, resources, essays,summary

  • Multi-tense practice tool
  • A-factor builds in practice of more complex structures
  • Direct-indirect speech exercise encourages reported speech

  • Matching quotations to themes to prepare for paragraphing
  • Essay planning guide including template
  • Essay plan and sample essay

French literature, essays, summary

Mark schemes are provided for:

  • the gapped summary
  • character guide
  • multi-tense exercise
  • A-factor
  • direct-indirect speech exercise
  • themes exercise

Answers are NOT given for the questions which are intended to elicit an individual response.

French literature, essays, summary

French literature, essays, summary

French literature, essays, summary