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When we, in 2015,  see Mathieu Kassovitz in a panel show (Bouillon de Culture) back in 1995 wearing a baseball hat incorporating a cannabis leaf http://www.ina.fr/video/I06103277 we are perhaps shocked at the youthfulness of the director of a film which has remained an icon of French cinema for the past 20 years. Even more shocking perhaps is the fact that the types of events portrayed seemed to keep happening;  the film has been to some extent prophetic of the way French society was to develop.

Following a few short films, Kassovitz made Métisse (also known as Café au lait), a feature length comedy before La haine.  It incorporated not only several of the same actors but also many of the themes which would be taken up by the more celebrated film.

Kassovitz  was so insensed at the death of a young African in police custody that he started writing the script for what was to become La haine on the spot.   Funding was obtained from Lazenec productions rather than through more official channels which would have assured income in anticipation of profits and a carefully planned production process began culminating in shooting in a suburban town Canteloup les Vignes and in Paris itself.    The resulting film in which the ethnically varied trio of  Vinz (Jewish background), Saïd (Maghrébin background) and Hubert (African background) play out an intense drama, half in the banlieue town and half in Paris, intersperses fast-moving dramatic action with leisurely periods of joke-telling and playing with language as it careers into its final cataclysmic scene.

From the cinematic point of view there is a huge amount to comment and the characters themselves are individual enough to provoke lively discussion about motivations and ethics. 

With La haine having been such a success, it is a huge shame that Kassovitz has not yet produced an equally substantial follow up. 


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